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SCANNING NEWS | Custom Balustrade

Another successful Laser Scanning & Modelling project for a custom architectural balustrade in Fortitude Valley.

Plans 3D Design carried out the 3D Laser Scanning & Modelling for this newly constructed staircase & balustrade, ready for fabrication plan preparation.

Using 3D Laser Scanning technology allowed us to accurately gather data needed to construct the balustrade. All steel was pre-fabricated & coated off site, so a high level of accuracy was required to ensure a perfect fit first time.

Due to the complexity of the curve formed landings, traditional site measure techniques would not have achieved this high level of finish & accuracy.

What a great piece of equipment! Any project that requires detailed site data collection can benefit from this technology.

Visit our project page to see the full gallery including scan scene, design model & final construction photos.

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